Thursday, August 31, 2017

Challenge Yourself to Save $100 in 30 Days

Want to have $100 in 30 days? Complete the 30-Day $100 Savings Challenge. You will follow a schedule of gradually increasing savings deposits ranging from $1 per day to $5 per day. The exact Challenge format is saving $1 for five days, $2 for five days, $3 for five days, $4 for five days, and $5 for the final ten days. When you’re done, you’ll have $100 saved to use any way that you want.


No special preparation or registration needed to participate in the 30-Day $100 Savings Challenge. Just start saving on whatever day you designate as “Day #1” and follow the savings calendar for 30 days.  Deposits can actually be made in any order throughout the month to reach the $100 goal.  For example, some people have more money to save at the beginning of a month than at the end or on weekdays vs. weekends.

Want to save even more money for emergencies or future financial goals? Complete the Challenge every month for an entire year and you’ll have $1,200 saved, plus interest, if you deposit your $100 monthly savings into a bank account. Challenge yourself to save!


The eXtension Military Families Learning Network Personal Finance team is sponsoring the 30 Day Challenge nationwide in September and offering a series of support services for savers. I encourage you to register to receive daily motivational messages and information about MFLNPF Facebook Live events and webinars.

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